Business grade connectivity

A reliable flexible telecommunications solution backed by a company that provides business and technical advice in plain English.

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Mobile Working

From simple diverts, follow me to a fully functional App integrated into the solution you an have it all.

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A solution that has been designed from years of experience with an exceptional customer service give you the perfect solution.

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About MSP

Looking for a new phone system then you have come to the right place. We make it simple, no packages to choose from, we give you all the features available and you choose what you want to use or not use. We know that the world of telecoms is filled with buzz words so we encourage our customers to call us when they want to make a change and speak to us in plain English. You can make the changes yourself or we will do it for free, normally while you are on the phone.

What makes us different is our service. When you call us we want to help you not just move onto the next call. We are so confident in our customer satisfaction that we offer a 30 day contract, no long term sign in as you will find with the majority of other providers. Other providers present packages of this feature and that feature, we dont, you can have all of them and we will help you implement what you need without having to have a conversation about changing packages.

A VoIP service in Plain English means your telephone call is transmitted over the internet, if it is implemented correctly you will have the same if not better call quality than a traditional phone line. It is more flexible, you can add and remove lines as you need on the same day, no wating for an engineering appointment to put a new cable in. There is no central exchange to install in your offices, which saves money and reduces your costs as it is all handled from the cloud.

Some of the features our customers use are:

  • VM and VM to email
  • Call screening
  • Ring Groups
  • Follow me
  • Call forward
  • Call recording
  • Call parking
  • BLF lights
  • IVR
  • Conferences
  • On line self-care
  • Operational times
  • CTI integration
  • Music on hold
  • Queues
  • Reporting

The above is a far from a complete list of our features and capabilities so if the feature you want isn’t shown let us know and we will tell you if it’s possible. We could create a whole website on the features and functions of our service, but no one would read it. If you dont understand some of the buzz words we can explain them.

Our Services

The non technical desciption of our service is a phone system which delivers the same or a higher quality phone call than a traditional phone line, that is easy to configure, and is backed by an exceptional level of service and support.

Technically we achieve this by basing the heart of our soution in Telehouse West at the heart of the internet reducing latency. The PBX uses a tried and tested technology with a management interface which makes management easier. Added to this we understand how networks and VoIP operate so are confident in an exceptional delivery

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Reseller / Referral Partner

Your customers want telephone solutions, and you can safely deliver them an industrial strength solution through our program, and you earn profitable at the same time. We are experienced in working with partners, and understand your customer is your customer which makes you our customer.

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Our Phones

There are many phones on the market at varying prices. We have selected a series of phones which meet the needs of our customers, are reliable and affordable. We can help you select the phone you need without getting technical.

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What Client Say About Us

The phone system transformed our business, customers found it easier to contact us which showed in how quickly our appointment book filled. Whilst we could have got a similar solution from elsewhere, what made the difference was the assistance and support we recieved, which wasn’t technical it was about how to get the phone system to help the business.

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