Full-fibre broadband penetration across the UK has reached five per cent, according to the latest data from Ofcom.

This equates to 1.4 million properties as of May this year, compared to the 1.2 million that had full-fibre connections in January.

Both Openreach and Vodafone were named among the organisations that are driving the rollout of this ultrafast broadband to UK properties.

Reporting on the update to Ofcom’s Connected Nations report, Computer Weekly noted that the regulator stated: “We are continuing to work with government and industry to drive further investment in full-fibre, including introducing new rules to make it cheaper and easier for companies to lay full-fibre networks.”

While full-fibre connections have continued to grow, at the other end of the scale the number of premises that are unable to get an adequate broadband connection has dropped to three per cent. This means 860,000 properties, which is a drop of 70,000 since the last report.

This is all good news for any companies that want to make the most of voip phones in Surrey, or elsewhere in the UK. The continued rollout of full-fibre broadband connections will only make it easier for businesses to benefit from this kind of technology.

While this is positive news, it comes after Britain fell in the latest world rankings for broadband speeds. The country now sits in 35th position, behind nations including Romania, Japan, Singapore, Lithuania and Madagascar.

Hopefully with the increased installation of full-fibre connections, the country will improve its standing in next year’s report from M-Lab.

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