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Reseller / Referral Partner

Do you have the opportunity to deliver telephone services to your clients? Maybe you are an IT Company, a building owner, a facilities management company and you worry about what happens if it goes wrong. Let us be your partner of choice. We have invested in the correct technology and have the experience to deliver a perfect solution. We will give you as much or as little support as you need, from selling the solution, configuration and maintenance. 

There are two ways of providing our service :

  • A referral partner where we sell the solution along side you, configure the solution, provide support and invoice the customer as MSP Phones. We invoice your customer on the first of the month and request an invoice from you. We collect the money from your customer on the 15th and pay you by the 30th. A monthly recurring revenue with very little work for you. 
  • Reseller. You invoice your customer on your own paperwork, and on the first of the month we invoice you, and collect the money via direct debit in the 15th. You are free to charge the customer whatever you want above our standard price.

What does the customer get:

  • A fully managed phone system with all the functions they would expect.
  • Low telephone costs
  • A self management portal
  • Access to you or us (if you choose) to make requests for changes to how the system works.

What do you get:

We provide you with the necessary training and documentation you can brand as your own if you choose. You can either sell the solution, in other words send an order to us for the customer, or identify they are a good opportunity and are serious about a telephone system and we will sell the solution for you allowing you to do as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.

We have great experience of working in partnership with other companies, and know that the customer you send our way is your customer not ours. We are happy to sign contracts if required to provide comfort that we will not “poach” your customer. 

You also have assurance that working with a partner who really understands VoIP, the network requirements and strives for exceptional customer service your customers will be grateful you provided this solution. 

Installed a phone system that is causing you problems:

If you have implemented a solution that isn’t functioning as required, call us. We will work with you to protect your reputation and investment. We have alot of experience in dealing with things that should work but don’t, and we won’t make a meal of it. Tell us the problem, how you would like to deal with it and we will do our best to find a solution both technical and commercial that works. If your customer has already purchased phones we can reuse them. If you have put in Elastic, FreePBX or Asterisk we can still help!

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