While in the world of business, landline phones may still be relevant to a greater degree, the amount of phone time spent on these devices has been found to have halved in the last six years.

According to research from Ofcom, the number of minutes spent talking on a landline phone has been in rapid decline – in 2012, 103 billion minutes were spent by British people talking on them, while in 2017 this had fallen to 54 billion.

While you can put this change squarely at the door of the mobile phone revolution, it’s also interesting to note that the amount of time spent talking on mobiles has not grown enough to bridge the gap. This has grown from 132 billion to just 143 billion in the same time. In fact, just last year the amount of time spent on phone calls from mobiles fell, year on year.

According to the Guardian, the real change has come about in the popularity of instant messaging applications for communication instead of phone calls, specifically by younger people. It’s estimated that 25 per cent of smart phone owners never use them to make phone calls.

As part of anecdotal evidence from their research, Ofcom revealed how one 18-year-old respondent called the idea of making a phone call ‘daunting’. “It’s much easier and quicker to WhatsApp my friends. If I have to call a company, I’ll always try to use webchat if it’s available.”

Significantly, the amount of data each person consumes is something that has increased 10 fold in the past six years, growing from just 0.2GB in 2012 to 2GB in 2017.

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