If your business is growing or you’re looking at your landline phones and thinking that they’re in need of an upgrade, this could be the perfect opportunity to make the switch to business Voip phones

An article for the Saddleworth Independent recently explained why moving towards this new technology is the sensible thing to do at this point in time.

For one thing, the news provider noted that telephony companies may start to phase out traditional landlines as a growing number of both business and residential consumers move towards Voip and other new technologies and away from traditional phones.

From a business perspective, Voip is a great choice because it’s so scalable and more cost effective than having to install new physical lines into an office.

Because Voip is software driven, it can provide additional services too, such as allowing you to forward voicemails to an email address, or even introducing a digital receptionist.

And in a working world that’s increasingly embracing flexibility, it’s great news for your employees, who can easily have their calls forwarded to another number and at no expense to your firm.

Voip phone systems can also form part of a unified communication system. This simply means that multiple devices can be connected to the system, and accessed remotely as well as in the office, enabling employees to have greater flexibility in where and how they work.

Adopting unified communication systems is good news for a business, because it allows it to work globally and flexibly, while enabling better communication between staff and between the business and its clients.

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