Inbound Telephony Solutions

Call Routing

Web based call management allows you to configure where and when your incoming calls are answered. Route calls to any UK landline or mobile

IVR Solutions

Press 1 for more Sales, Press 2 for improved Customer Service. Greet callers and manage their routing using touchtone technology

Fax To Email

Remove the old fax machine in the corner and replace it with your business email. This product simply brings faxing to the 21st Century

Call Recording

Deliver the best service to your customer by recording calls and handling agreements and disputes quickly and effectively

Call Queuing

Manage high call volume with our hosted Call Queuing. Play position prompts, promotional messages and hold music

Call Analytics

Understand call trends from new and existing clients to best manage missed calls, staffing levels and call overflow

We have lots of features that have not been displayed here, please contact us if you want something which is not here.


We also help beyond providing the features which is best defined with an example. A customer called us because they were recruiting a new part time receptionist. Rather than just sell them another extension, we examined their call records and sent them graphs of their busiest times, information which they were guessing about. Our philosophy is simple, if we can help you grow your business then you will want more services from us.

As we make changes for free, customers can experiment with their service.


As we make changes for free, customers can experiment with their service. Would an IVR help? We can tell you how other customers have benefited, and where it hasn’t been a success, but if you want to try it lets do it, we can always remove it or tweak it very quickly.


Music On Hold – this presents the image of your business, a Spa has a different requirement from a builders merchant. We have some standard tracks, if you don’t like them you can pick your own that we will implement.

Your phone system needs to help you expand your business and project the right image, were with you all the way.




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