There are so many benefits of having a business phone system, but customers have been made aware if they decide to leave their contract early and move to another provider, they could face hefty charges.

In fact, the penalties have historically been so great that EE and Virgin Media have now been fined for breaking consumer protection rules for overpricing.

Ofcom has charged EE £6.3 million, while Virgin Media will have to pay £7 million, as they took advantage of consumers with their steep early-exit costs.

While fees can be imposed, Ofcom found these were not clear to customers and were too expensive.

Director of investigations and enforcement at Ofcom Gaucho Rasmussen said: “EE and Virgin Media broke our rules by overcharging people who ended their contracts early. Those people were left out of pocket, and the charges amounted to millions of pounds.”

He added this is “unacceptable” and by fining the two telephone and broadband providers, Ofcom hopes to let other suppliers know “they must play by the rules”.

EE was found to have overcharged 400,000 of its customers up to £4.3 million in total, while Virgin Media gained £2.8 million by making 82,000 of its customers pay early-exit penalties.

Business customers will be glad to hear the providers are being held accountable for their actions, so they can continue to invest in communication devices for their employers without worrying about overcharging.

Indeed, there are many advantages of issuing business phones to employees, including making it easier for them to communicate with one another and with clients; and enabling staff to work away from the office, giving them more flexibility, according to Business New Daily.

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