We’re all so used to the concept of working 9-5 hours each and every week of the year that it’s perhaps unsurprising that we simply no longer question this way of working – and bosses only seem to offer token efforts with regards to something different.

But it seems as though there’s a bit of a change in the air thanks to those in the know at PwC, which has just announced that it will opening up a new recruitment route that will forgo these traditional working patterns entirely.

Apparently, the company has now set up a Flexible Talent Network to give people the chance to work for the brand without being tied into standard working hours or a fulltime contract, allowing them to choose working patterns that suit them.

The very fact that more than 2,000 people registered with the network within the first two weeks just goes to show how much in demand flexible working is. Being able to fit careers in around other aspects of our lives is clearly beneficial for employees – and there are benefits to the company as well, since offering a different route into the business means that PwC is better able to attract a more diverse pool of talent.

Chief people officer at PwC Laura Hinton had this to say about the new announcement: “People in the network will get to spend their year their way, whether it’s because of caring commitments, entrepreneurs supplementing their income, people who want to travel or simply not work all of the year.

“Offering flexibility in how people work throughout the year is not only good for workers, but also for business, the economy and ultimately society. We’re likely to see a rise in people transitioning in and out of work throughout their careers and those organisations who responsibly support their people to do this will ultimately gain a competitive advantage.”

These days, it’s really not difficult for brands to offer flexible working options to their staff members – all thanks to the different technology we have at our disposal, of course.

For example, running certain kinds of business phone systems will mean that your workers can do their job anywhere they desire, whether that’s at home or on the go. We no longer have to be tied to the office in order to be productive and VoIP phone services can really help facilitate a new way of working for you and your business.

For example, conference call facilities mean that numerous phones can be connected at any one time, so different parties can talk.

Calls can easily be redirected to another extension or a mobile phone, so you can set this up if you know you’re not going to be at your official desk at any point. Voicemail transcripts can even translate the words of a voicemail and send it to the recipient as an email or text! There really is an awful lot you can do with VoIP to help you introduce more flexible ways of working this year.

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