If your company needs to update its business phone systems and is considering moving away from fixed-line phones to voice over internet protocol (Voip) solutions, the experiences of some of these American companies may help sway your decision.

Speaking to Biz Tech Magazine, a number of firms stateside have been explaining the benefits they’ve experienced since switching to Voip systems.

Paychex, which has staff based in different locations around the US, explained that as well as saving money, using a Voip system has also improved its business continuity. This is because all staff are using the same system, so if one office is unable to operate, operators in another location can easily take on their workload.

For growing insurance broker Senior Security Benefits, meanwhile, one of the major advantages has been the scalability of Voip systems. Rather than requiring a contractor to come and install or move extensions, they are now able to manage this themselves, saving time and money.

Foot Levelers, another company that spoke to the publication, revealed that it has saved $1,500 a month on its phone bills by swapping to a Voip system at the end of 2017. As well as the cost savings, it’s also made it easier to manage and is more reliable.

If you are thinking of investing in a Voip phone system, you need to make sure you include your telecoms systems in your cyber security plans. Earlier this year, IT Pro Portal pointed out that many organisations fail to consider telecoms a cyber security risk, leaving them vulnerable to attacks.

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