Smartphones have developed at an unprecedented speed over the last decade, with users being able to do things on their handheld devices they would not have dreamed of ten years ago.

However, there appears to be a bit of a backlash against the super-advanced smartphone technology, as more and more people are opting for basic mobile phones instead.

According to a report by Sky News, global sales of feature phones that solely make and receive calls rose by five per cent last year. This is compared with the two per cent increase in smartphone sales during the same 12 months.

This comes after an Ofcom report showed 20 per cent of the British public spends 40 hours a week online, typically checking their smartphones every 12 minutes.

Dr Daria Kuss, a chartered psychologist, told the news provider that smartphones can be addictive, saying: “[Users] may be aware that they’re using it too much, however, they can’t stop themselves.”

Mary Erskine from Twickenham, a self-confessed smartphone addict, also said she wanted a ‘dumb phone’ to escape constant access of social media.

She said: “If I want to go out with just the dumb phone then you can make a choice and have a day without all the noise of all the notifications and apps.”

Employees cannot use a feature phone for work very effectively, as smartphones with business phone numbers enable them to access their emails, calendars, make appointments, and edit documents.

However, they are a good idea for those to have in conjunction with their smartphone when they want to switch off and recharge for a while.

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