When you start looking for Voip phones in Surrey for your business you might begin by comparing the various offerings on cost. However, a recent article has stressed the importance of considering more variables – and of asking the right questions of suppliers.

Bytestart, which is a portal specifically for small businesses, noted that it’s important to ensure you’re comparing like with like.

When it comes to Voip systems, that means thoroughly understanding your own needs – including what features you require now and may need in the future – as well as looking at what the different systems offer.

Make sure you ask about call bundle charges, and then think about whether the volume of calls you receive means that these are value for money.

You also need to ask the provider what business continuity systems you can put in place in case the host system fails, ask them for uptime statistics at this point, as well as checking that the supplier you’re considering is registered with the ombudsman.

All of that is in addition to the usual questions about contract length, price and support services.

Another thing you need to consider if you’re going to be using Voip phone systems is the speed of your internet connection. Broadband is considered an essential utility now, on a par with electricity and running water, which is likely why 39 per cent of businesses surveyed at the start of this year said that improving the speed of their internet connection was a priority for 2018.

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